Thursday, March 31, 2011


today i have been grinning from ear to ear.  I was busy all week CLEANING CLEANING CLEANING (and nope, my house is STILL less than perfect)....for my COLLEGE ROOMMATE and her family visiting from South Carolina.

i have not seen Robyn in 4 years (while i was prego with Emery) and they were super duper generous by giving us an AMAZING deal on their minivan (so we would have room for 3 kids).....mind you, they have FIVE and needed to upgrade to a Suburban.

We have been through the ringers apart .....she has Lyme namesake and their youngest Meredith had open heart surgery ....Cros had cancer....I had a baby with Crazy of her twins has Lyme disease....yea, CRAZINESS.....they have moved twice since we seen each other....and well, the list goes on....

HOWEVER, it seems like we were JUST in Williamsburg, VA last year....we picked up RIGHT where we left off (just a few gray hairs, a few more kids, a few more lbs (me) or less (her) and husbands too boot!  i just love her to pieces....maybe it was Physical Chemistry lab that cemented our friendship....or her putting up with my "being mer in college' self...she earned crowns in heaven for that.  but, mostly i believe it is our relationship with Jesus that has kept us close and praying for one another THRU all the craziness in our life! ; )

I treasure her.  I LOVE her kids and I hardly know them....but seeing her oldest twins and Brendley walking around the block tonight warmed my heart.  Seeing Eli and Cros playing the wii like they have known one another forever made me smile.  To see Caroline hanging out in our living room brightened my night and seeing meredith and emery being SO VERY SIMILAR (see last post)....just made me GRIN from ear to ear over and over and over!

having a house full of 12 people.....priceless.

best. gift. ever.

yea, we may not be doing much with our Chemistry degrees from William and Mary that we studied and studied and studied for....but it was SO worth it for our friendship to become what it is today!

Now, we just need to start planning our trip to South Carolina soon~~~~

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