Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life with Emery

THIS little bundle is full of FIRE (could be a bit of the redhead in her) or maybe just since she is #3?~  Who knows?  I attribute MOST of her craziness to being toted around while an infant to all of Crosby's crap (yes, i can now call it crap).....  She was SO amazing...slept great, traveled amazingly well, went to anyone (minus poor Jamie E who came to help at the hospital in Cincy ), dealt with hanging out in a car seat for hours and traveling up and down hospital halls and 75 N and S too often.  SO....we all KNEW that one day she might be.....

- well- Emery!  CRAZY, fun, determined to wear BOOTS everywhere, opinionated, lives life on the edge, allergic to EVERYTHING (thus carries an epi-pen at all times),  keeps everyone in line, runs EVERYWHERE, loves to dance hip-hop and is pretty good (must be the Philly in her), Bounces like Tigger and well, we continue to PRAY that she would use her powers for good and not evil ; )

Right now she is SPRINTING through the house to put on PJ outfit #3!  hysterical!

.here is a glimpse into my diva rocker Emery!

Yes....she needs to have on boots....cowboy, rain or whatever.  Yes, usually she is wearing a skirt or dress...and usually she is getting into "something"..... but that is what makes this curly haired wonder- well....WONDERFUL!!!!

So thankful that she is in our life.  She was our 3rd and last c-section baby : )  She spent several LONG days in the NICU as the largest babe in there (born our smallest child at 8lbs 11oz)....she was 2 months old when Cros was diagnosed.....after amazing Speech Therapy with sweet Dana at First Steps she finally began speaking around 2 1/2yrs...and THANKFULLY was healed from her kidney bladder reflux after taking Bactrim since she was 1 yr old.......and well....we LOVE LOVE LOVE her to pieces.  Maybe she reminds me a bit of me?  ( i do LOVE shoes) who knows!  She usually walks around with bruised knees from jumping off of chairs or sofas or beds.  She also has a fair share of bruises on her head from bumping into something that is head level (shelves, chairs, countertops, etc)....but what a JOY she is!

love ya Em...please don't ever change (well....feel free to grow out of your allergies of course!)

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