Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pride cometh before the fall....

I have been wanting to blog for the past 2 weeks...funny things from the kids, sitcom material for sure, the long awaited toilet/ceiling stuff....but life has gotten CRAZY....lots of stuff with work...projects at school....STREP for the first time ever in our home : (  which relates to this post.

I got a bit prideful.  When anyone's kids got Strep, i would say , "  yea, mine never get it"  and smile inside : )  woohoo.  Well, that stopped on Presidents Day.  Crosby complained of a sore throat.  Drainage of course...since MY kids NEVER get Strep.  FINALLY, upon waking up 2 times from a great sleep, it was to the DR we go.  Bret actually took BOTH lil ones, since Emery had been coughing and had nose crud since she went OFF Bactrim for her kidney reflux issues the end of January.  Well, BOTH came home with Amoxicillin.  BOO HISS.

now, yes, Strep is RUNNING RAMPANT all over the schools.  BUT MY KIDS NEVER GET IT!!! but they did.  Now, Cros has NO ADNOIDS OR TONSILS.....*freaky aside: his tonsils are growing back oddly enough* how can he get strep?....well, apparently he can.  and yes, i DID go to CRAZY VILLE......maybe his cancer is back....i tend to go there and back WHEN scans are approaching...and guess what? they are!!!  March 8th to be exact.

SO in addition to using lots of dots and uppercase letters in my writing, you will find i have to talk my self off the proverbial ledge OFTEN!  I did this week....lots of praying and NOT eating M&M's *my ALL TIME favorite stress food*

   Maybe  this is because an adorable 2nd grader (who was held back from Brendley's class one          year, so yes, i know her)....thought i was pregnant.  WHICH, I AM NOT!!!!  and not planning to be.  So, that has helped with the no-no's on the candy shell yummy food from the devil.  

SO, to wrap up my week....not much sleep, praying hard Crosby will always be cancer-free, talking myself from the ledge, remembering 2 doses of medicine daily for 2 kids, buying some bday gifts for various parties my kids are going to, dealing w/ Bren having a first time ever anxiety attack (result of my craziness no doubt) and several meetings that have consumed WAAAAAAY too much time.......and trying to just press on and not worry about Crosby's scans or thoughts that Emery may/may not have cancer too.  or heck, me!

ah, the life i lead.....crazy.  BUT< as my college roommate told keeps me close to God, b/c if things were easy, would I be?!  I would hope...but realistically, maybe not.

So, if you think of me in this coming week....PRAY for my mind, pray for our kids and remember to enjoy everything that comes your way.....b/c life can really be a SITCOM!  : )