Thursday, April 14, 2011

to cut or not to cut....that is the question

so, i have been wrestling with Crosby's hair lately- not literally (although there are plenty of tangles in his mane)
I just LOVE his long curly hair.  Yes, I said LONG- however i have trimmed it...even had my sweet friend Susan trim it up and thin it out a time or two.
However, when October 2007 began with Chemo and his hair began falling out 2 weeks later, and we shaved it....then he went "baldy" on us and his LONG BEAUTIFUL eyelashes fell out.....well, it is HARD HARD HARD for a mama to want to cut it back down.....

PLUS....his hair came in GORGEOUS!!!!!

trust me, many would PAY to have hair like his!!!!  ; )
He has embraced his "long" hair, and well, it kind of fits his "happy go lucky" personality!
Plus, he is taking ice-hockey skating lessons so after watching the NCAA Hockey Nat'l Championship Game...and those UMD guys had hair like Crosby' seemed wrong to cut it.
BUT, lately boys he randomly passes think he is a girl (and since we don't live in SoCal this happens semi-often).  It has been getting in his eyes at school when he needs to stay in a line, and well, as much as I adore it and he does too, it may need to be taken down a bit and dare I say- BANGS!  (shudder).  I am NOT a fan of this is a BIG STEP for me.
However, as my sweet sensitive almost seven year old told me he wants to look like Shaun White (image from internet site - see below) , i hurt a bit on the I know he does.
 however, he may not be ready for cool guy headbands and whatnot- that may need to wait until High School. many a mom tells me NOT to cut it, many a dad thinks TO cut it.  *grandparents included i think*
SO....I put the call in to Susan.  he has an appointment for next week.  WHen i told him today at swim lessons that next week he won't be pushing his hair from his eyes the lifeguard gasped..."PLEASE DON"T CUT THAT HAIR"....but i actually convinced myself in telling her why- and I felt OKAY about it.
So....there will be SEVERAL inches coming off and his "big brown marble" eyes will be fully visible again soon *without a headband of any sort*.
I do hope it stays curly ; )  I told Cros it was a mark of God's faithfulness in his life....and somehow defines him a bit.....but does not make up WHO he is.....
he smiled.
So...pray for silly as that sounds, but I think it will be an emotional day..... remembering back to my little guy with no see the lush curls that are a testimony of God's miraculous healing in his will be  hard.  But, it is only hair.  it too will grow : ) and we will continue to give thanks!!!!!
and yes, i AM going to bring a ziploc to pick up some hair....
and then Susan will need to bring out the ShopVac for the rest ; )

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  1. wow, the first pix took me back. hard to believe how far he has come. I do love the hair too so will be anxious to see pix.