Saturday, April 23, 2011

the "cut"

the " long awaited" hair cut.  It is A LOT shorter...especially in the back and front!!!!
Crosby likes it...after the initial crinkle of the nose when he first saw it.  Susan ROCKED it!   If you need a hairdresser she is amazing!!!!  Thomas-Blake hair studio off Moore Dr. in Lexington....just sayin!

ANYWAY...i did not cry.  ; )  neither did Cros.  He woke up the next morning and said ' my hair grew back"......not sure what he was thinking...but glad he likes it.

Also very thankful for his AMAZING kindergarten teacher that defused ANY and ALL "issues" with kids saying it looked different or anything like that.  so ALL WAS WELL!!!!!

I think the "new look" makes his "big brown marble" eyes look so handsome....but, that is a mama speaking of course.

ps.  got Bren's hair layered and cut as well : )  i get to go at the end of, if we could ONLY get Em's hair to G-R-O-W!!!!

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