Sunday, January 30, 2011

weekend away.....with 300+ college students

ahhhhh home again : )
as our pediatrician said on Friday - when i took the "one who deals with it all" to the Dr....b/c she was diagnosed with STREP from her classmates (and guess what, it wasn't)-   that i deserved a medal to spend a weekend with college students away with my family....i just laughed....b/c i love it....WE love it : )

HOWEVER...this morning at 730am.....did NOT love it!  we had THREE, yes THREE, crying children...they were tired and grumpy and generally NOT FUN to deal with ....but, thankfully they turned it around *and slept a bit* on the mini-bus ride home, that we managed to have all in bed happily by 830pm!

The retreat was awesome....great speaker....great fellowship....great seeing our kids rekindle friendships from staff kids from around the region....but what i HATE is packing food for lil Em *the one with the food allergies*.....poor child exists off of microwaveable bacon, soy yogurt, rice chips and rice cakes plus many fruits and rice milk in single serve juice boxes for 2 days....bless her heart!  oh yes, she also ate gluten free pretzels and applesauce and fruit snacks...but is NOT easy!

 I have to pack up grocery sacks of food, request a dorm with a fridge, and run back and forth to make sure she is fed when everyone else is eating....and making sure she doesn't touch anyone or anything that she is allergic to, or have anyone feed her for that matter!  SHE did famously and i am SO thankful....another successful trip with out an epi-pen use.  However, the funniest line of all was lil girl telling a LARGE UK LINEMAN that she has "jello birthday cakes".  He could not understand and thus we broke it down for him.....thankfully the girl rolls with it....tells people and is VERy self-aware of the situation- for THAT, i am eternally grateful!

 We actually go to the allergist for the dreaded PRICK test THIS FRIDAY!  not looking forward to that one bit...but as she said "keep your fingers crossed but don't hold your breath" that she might grow out of some allergies....  So, we are crossing our fingers but mostly praying that she will : )  We are SUPER thankful that her kidney bladder reflux is GONE : )  so, we are hopeful!  If not, we continue to press on, with our routine of "travel foods" and a great lil girl who makes the best of it!!!!

Thanks for listening cute bus-drivin hubby hopes to fix our hole in the ceiling maybe i will actually post on that ALREADY!!!

seize the day....

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