Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bargain shopping at its best....

so i have this friend who kept telling me to blog about my wonderful "finds" in the shopping world.  I do love shopping.  But i love BARGAIN shopping better- which is definitely a better option for the occupation i have been called to....so...let the games begin ; )

I put the kibosh on any and all shopping when we had some home improvement projects happening and promised myself until i actually 'fit' back into the clothing i had- i was not going to shop ; )  well.....i have this LOFT credit card...solely used for purchases there and at SAM'S *since they do not take Visa*.  Well, i opened the mail not too long ago to find some REWARDS cards (free money) as well as a free $25 to use there as well for simply using the card (VERY EXCITED) and yes, they all had expiration dates.....so i HAD to go shopping!

Finally all three kiddos were at school *after several snow days upon snow days* so i had a free 45 minutes to shop at the LOFT today!  so very excited---especially since i was salivating over the MEGA markdowns and sales i would see in my inbox almost daily.  so, i popped in.  the shelves were close to bare on the SALE racks...HOWEVER, i did manage to score some ridiculous deals for next to nothing.....

my favorite :  $189 boots *did i mention i LOVE shoes* for $17.50!!!!  : )  indeed the first time in my life i was glad i have big feet as MY SIZE was the ONLY pair left!!!!  love.

then i just could not pass up the super cute skirt that retailed for $49.50.....guess what i paid for it?!  less than most spend at Starbucks......$4.74!!!!  CRAZY!!!!!!

why so low....all sale merchandise was an ADDITIONAL 50% off!!!!  my kind of sale.  i also bought a pair of pants that were tagged at $69.50 for $14 and some odd change!  madness.

so that was my shopping and i even made it home for a conference call!!!!  

my other bargain shopping tips were for Valentines Day.  i wanted to do something FUN for the kids on our mantel...so, i was led to Garden Ridge *why, not sure? have not been in that store for years* and guess what?  all Christmas stuff was 90% off.  a light bulb went off in my brain...maybe they have something RED or SILVER or WHITE that i could use?  guess what? they did...i found some FUN red curly stuff for .19cents and bought several...adding to that $1 bin hearts from Target plus 2 things i bought POST-Vday last year...and hooray- Valentines Day is decorated at our house!  I also dug out our Pottery Barn Kids placements i bought post-Vday years ago that are still going strong....decorating on a budget for sure! : )

Pretty boring for my second post....but, i was excited and decided to share, just in case YOU had reward cards or coupons and needed a sweater or two?!  plus, LOFT does a special discount for all you teachers out there as well!!!! *i don't score that bonus*

I promise to spruce up the blog when I share about the craziness in our house from the last few snow days....it involves moving furniture, clogged toilets and holes in ceilings ......

can't wait eh?

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