Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Journey Begins....

           After close to three years of people telling me I "should start a blog".....I am.  : )  Before I begin "blogging" , I need to give a disclaimer.  I was a Chemistry Major in college.  I did not write or enjoy writing.  Even for my "area 1" classes in college, I chose theater and classes that involved as few papers to write as possible.  So, please excuse any grammar, spelling or vocab misuse!  If you can't excuse it....please don't read!

People began telling me I should blog since I had a Caringbridge Page for our son.  His site is 
I started that reluctantly when he was diagnosed with cancer...thankfully, he is a miracle and I only post there when there are tests, routine scans or other medical stuff!  

However, TOO MUCH crazy stuff happens in my home and my life that has led to this blog...and thus, the name.  I grew up in the Seinfeld era and SO MANY times I have thought that I could have given him material for at least another 2 seasons (Elaine playing my life, of course).  So, the post-chemo life, the school days life, the 3 yr old who eats batteries and money, the food allergies, the crazy summers we embark upon….not to mention an old house, a job dealing with college students, baby weight that has never been lost, living in the “South” as an East Coast girl, traveling across the country with 3 kids,  and a marriage of 14plus years…certainly no loss for good stories!  ; )

Yea, we were only supposed to be in Lexington for a year when originally assigned here the summer after UK won its LAST National Championship in hoops….yep, we keep waiting and hoping that we will BE HERE when they win another.  ; )  so here we are….13 years, one house, 3 kids and many experiences later….still in Lexington – now our HOME. 

My next post will most likely be about our home and holes in it due to some plumbing and kids home for a SNOW DAY!  ahhhhhhhhh the fun!  But I will leave now as I have football to watch (yes, i LOVE sports), a kitchen to clean, and laundry to dry!  Hopefully I will not have any material after Crosby's nose scope tomorrow at the ENT!  Praying that the tumor site is clean and clear and Forever cancer-free.  



  1. Yay Meredith! Welcome to the blogger world.

  2. So happy to see you started a blog! Can't wait to follow along!!!!